The Adventure Team


PIerre Cappy

Pierre and Ellen Capy co-founded Mocha Joe’s in 1991. Pierre serves as resident coffee expert on all Mocha Joe’s Adventures, as well as guide, cultural liaison, and daredevil.


Jesse Kail

Roaster and rock climber, adventurer and juggler, Jesse will serve as another of your Mocha Joe’s adventure guides and coffee experts. Relaxed and knowledgeable, Jesse’s simply a good guy to have on your team.


colin Grube

Coffee roaster, production manager, actor, and blessed with excellent comedic timing, Colin is one of our indispensable MJ Adventure planners. From your breakfast to your bed, Colin creates the perfect itinerary for the coffee-driven adventurer.


Kora Skeele

In order for anyone to go on these magnificent trips, people need to know about them. Kora’s the one who shouts it from the rooftops: MOCHA JOE’S IS TAKING YOU TO MEXICO AND TIME’S A WASTIN’!